Monday, July 28, 2014


   My name is Colin and I am a ghost enthusiasts , I would like to welcome all of you to my new blog.
I am currently employed as a ghost storyteller in the in the city of Albany N.Y. . I work for a wonderful company called Ghosts of Albany,  please visit their website at
I am launching this blog and soon hope to have a website dedicated to seeking ghosts. I do not like the term ghost hunting, ghosts were once living human beings like you and I and were never meant to be hunted. My organization will seek ghosts not hunt them. Our attempt to communicate with them will be mild-mannered and respectful. My belief is that ghost are the spirits of people who have suffered great fright and trauma and the absolute worst way to treat them is with aggression or hyperbole, they must be treated gently and given the sincere impression that we are here to help.
I have friends who I hope to introduce you to in the near future and I do hope you will follow this blog and  the soon-to-be website and on both we will post  our adventures in the Albany N.Y. area,

Thank you

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  1. Excellent Colin...there's certainly lots of interest in the hereafter...or rather the in-between the pearly gates and mortal tundra! Much luck with the blog...may the spirits be with ya!