Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ghost picture . Beginers luck???????

 Elaine and I were mansion touring on Monday 8/25/2014 and I took this picture this at the home of author Edith Wharton (house name The Mount) in Lenox Mass. in the Berkshires about 40 mins. east of Albany.
This house is known to be haunted ,we got the idea to go there from a book I’m reading by John Kachuba  ,a nationally known author of the paranormal. Look in the bathtub and see if you can see the outline of a woman standing in the tub (or floating above it ). John Kachuba visited this house and wrote a whole chapter about it and in that chapter he said he shot pictures panning this room (the Henry James  room) because he thought this room would most likely be a room to have a ghost but didn't say that anything showed up in his pictures . I took a few pictures panning the room from left to right with the bathroom shot last. I did not see the image at the time I took the picture ,it showed up when I imported the pictures to my Mac .I guess this ghost was busy at the time that Mr. Kachuba was there. I’m going to pursue this one further , there are ghost tours at The Mount and I  will check them out and let you know what I find.  
Is it wild or what, I’ve  always had good beginners luck in the past . I’m going to bring this with me on my ghost tours. Please visit The Mount (Edith Wharton's house) 2014 paranormal recap

this copy has been enhanced:

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  1. Please post a comment, I would love to hear from you.

  2. Hi Colin!

    Thanks for sharing your tour at Ghosts of Albany last night! The photo clearly has captured the paranormal. The first image has an outline. I wasn't able to distinguish a woman, but that was my computer equipment...old laptop, more than the photo. I saw it in the same spot and the outline was clearly a in the enhanced photo. Obviously, you were meant to capture this!


  3. Great work, Colin. You obviously captured a person - who trusted you!!! Keep up the good work and keep on blogging - this is great, interesting stuff!

    Regards, Maureen